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Useful And Unique Gifts For Dads; By A Dad

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With the holidays around the corner at the time of writing this, I’m actively thinking about my gifts wish list. To be perfectly honest, it’s not easy for me to come up with a lot of gifts. Maybe that’s just me, but when I searched online for gift ideas for dads, I didn’t relate to most of the gifts. And a lot of these lists I read weren’t written by dads. So as a dad, I decided to put some real thought into a gift guide for dads based on gifts I want and would find useful, as well as some items I’ve used and think other dads would like. This guide generally omits the overdone, stereotypical “guy” gifts like grilling accessories and tools.

Personalized Bracelets

Yep, dads can wear bracelets too. I love my kids and have no problem showing that off. A personalized bracelet with the kids’ names can be a wonderfully, meaningful gift for a dad. Of course, there are all sorts of personalized gift ideas like mugs, plates, and blankets too, but there is something extra special about a personalized item that is with you throughout the day.

Water Bottle for Hot and Cold

I find myself not usually drinking enough water throughout the day. With life more hectic with kids, I’m less on top of staying hydrated, which is so important. Getting in the habit of carrying a good water bottle around goes a long way towards staying hydrated. I like ones that are good for hot and cold liquids so if I do want a tea, coffee, or just hot water on a cold day, I don’t have to have another bottle.

Solid Umbrella

Dropping off, picking up, and shuttling the kids around in general is a pain on those rainy days. I don’t routinely check the weather, and I’m sure I’m not the only one. As a result, I often get caught unprepared on those rainy days. This isn’t such a big deal when it’s just me, but it’s a whole different story when I’m with my two toddler boys. When you have a kid that isn’t really walking yet, an umbrella is even more imperative. I like a sturdy umbrella that’s also large enough to cover all three of us if needed and won’t get blown around with a decent wind. I like to keep one in my car so it’s always available if we’re driving around.


Having always been an active person, I’m proud to say that even as a dad, I still make a point to exercise fairly consistently. However, the reality is that this often has to occur late in the evening after the kids have been put to bed. At that point, trekking out to the gym isn’t always the most desirable. In these cases, it’s really nice to have the convenient option of dumbbells at home. I really recommend opting for the rubber encased dumbbells. They’re just nicer and the cost is essentially the same as metal ones.

Dumbbells can be pricey especially for higher weights, so resistance bands are a popular alternative. Personally, I don’t find resistance bands to replicate dumbbells well, but there are some quality ones out there. One really good set of bands is the Whatafit Bands.

Massage Roller and Massage Gun

Let’s face it. Parenting is tiring, so a massage is always great. I wish I had the resources and time to get a half hour massage everyday (who wouldn’t), but I don’t and most don’t either. A pretty good compromise is a massage roller and/or a massage gun. I love massage rollers. They are so simple yet very effective. I’ve never used a massage gun, but they look pretty great and definitely something I’d put on my wish list.


As I mentioned earlier, life with kids is simply more hectic. I’m often rushing around in the morning getting the kids ready and not having time myself to eat a decent breakfast. Many mornings consist of just grabbing a couple granola bars, which isn’t very nutritious despite me trying to get more nutritious bars. Plus, it’s also not too appetizing especially day-after-day. A great alternative is making a smoothie in a blender. It’s quick, delicious, and easy to change up. I usually put a banana, frozen fruit, some low or non-fat yogurt, and some milk or almond milk. But as I said, it’s so easy to change up by using different fruits for example. Sometimes, I may also use juice or even add frozen vegetables.

Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker

I really enjoy coffee, but I don’t always want a hot cup of joe. Especially on those hot days, a good cup of iced coffee can be so refreshing – not be mention often needed for those long days with the kids. It may sound silly, but it’s also less worrisome from a safety standpoint as far as spilling it if you’ve got a younger kid that’s often by you or that you’re having to hold. Cold brew iced coffee makers are easy to use, take little effort, and are generally inexpensive. Another huge perk is that the iced coffee can be stored in the refrigerator for a week plus and still taste great.

Weighted Blanket

Having some solid sleep becomes so much more highly desired once you have kids. A weighted blanket just might make you sleep better. I get pretty decent sleep in general, but I still think weighted blankets are awesome. Here’s a short article from the National Sleep Foundation where you can read about the potential benefits of a weighted blanket such as increasing serotonin. For me, a common 15 lb blanket is perfectly sufficient, but there are heavier ones if that’s what you want.

Collar Protectors for Dress Shirts

I wear a buttoned, collar shirt almost everyday for work. I absolutely hate the sweat stains and grime that gets on the collar (and I’m not even someone that sweats a lot). Even worse is trying to scrub it clean. These collar protectors work well to protect your collar and keep it cleaner. I’ve used them a lot and have found them to be comfortable as well. For a dad that regularly wears dress shirts, this can be a really useful gift.

Window Bird Feeder

I love nature. While I’m not a bird enthusiast, this window bird feeder is a pretty wonderful little gadget to bring some nature and wildlife to the home. Your kids will absolutely love seeing birds up and close too. I can just picture spending time with my young sons being fascinated watching the birds come and go.

Bottle Opener with Magnetic Cap Catcher

Most dads enjoy a cold beer every now and then. A bottle opener with magnet cap catcher is a fun and stylish way to pop open a cold one. I first saw one at a party at a friend’s house and thought it was a very cool idea. Some can even be personalized, which makes it that much more special for dad.

Got Any Other Ideas?

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